CR3 or later: Upgrading Highlights to Engagement Center 6.0.2

If you updated to Connections 6.0 CR3 or later, and want to expand the use of Connections Engagement Center throughout Connections by upgrading to a full version of the Engagement Center, follow these steps. This upgrade installs a license and adjusts a setting to provide the necessary configuration.

Before you begin

Note: You must first purchase a license for the full version of HCL Connections Engagement Center.


  1. Download the Connections Engagement Center 6.0.2 upgrade program from the Passport Advantage site.
  2. Open and edit the file, adding the values for your server.
    • If upgrading on single-node server, make sure that you specify serverName and nodeName.
    • If upgrading in a clustered environment, make sure that you specify clusterName.
  3. Verify that Deployment Manager is running and that the SOAP port that connects it to wasadmin is correct.
    1. Open the file located in the NODE_PROFILE_HOME/properties directory.
    2. Find the port number specified for the property. By default the port number is 8879.
  4. If the port number specified is different than 8879, make a note of the number. Then edit the upgrade program file for your operating system, replacing "-port 8879" with the port number that you found:
    • On Windows, edit the ICECInstaller_Windows.bat file.
    • On Linux, edit the file.
    • On AIX, edit the ICECInstaller_AIX.ksh file.
  5. Run the upgrade program:
    • On Windows, open the command prompt, navigate to this directory, and run ICECInstaller_Windows.bat.
    • On Linux, open the terminal, navigate to this directory, and run
    • On AIX, open the terminal, navigate to this directory, and run ICECInstaller_AIX.ksh.
  6. Once the installation completes, the Connections Engagement Center app is ready for use. There is no need to restart it.