CR2 or earlier: Upgrading Engagement Center to

Upgrade Connections Engagement Center to take advantage of recent fixes and enhancements to Engagement Center. This procedure describes the steps for customers who have updated to Connections 6.0 CR2 or earlier to replace Engagement Center 6.0,, or with version, save it to the master configuration, and create new language files.

About this task

Get the fix and fix list from Fix Central.


  1. Back up the Connections Engagement Center database as you would for any Connections upgrade.
  2. If there is any customization in the Connections Customization folder ( for example, C:\IBM\Connections\data\shared\customization), then back this up.
  3. If you have modified any of the localization files, back up these files for later use.
  4. Open the Integrated Solutions Console (ISC) on your WebSphere Deployment Manager and navigate to Applications > Application Types > WebSphere enterprise applications.
  5. Select ICEC application and click Update.
  6. Select Replace the entire application and then use the Browse button to navigate to the icec_6.0.1.2.ear file on your file system.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Choose the Fast Path installation option and click Next.
  9. For Step 1: Select Installation Options, click Next.
  10. For Step 2: Map modules to servers, click Next.
  11. For Step 3: Summary, click Finish.
  12. Click Save directly to master configuration.
  13. As newer versions of Connections Engagement Center may bring newer versions of the predefined language files, check if changes that you have made to previous versions of the language files need to be reapplied to the new language files. Update the language files by completing the following steps:
    1. Return to the Engagement Center Settings tab.
    2. Delete all of the language files from the Engagement Center.
    3. Click Admin Dashboard.
    4. In the Admin Dashboard, click the Language Files tab.
    5. Click Reinit Language Files to generate new language files.
    6. Return to the Engagement Center Settings tab.
    7. Select a language that was customized prior to the upgrade, and click the wrench icon next to it so you can edit the settings.
    8. Merge your customizations into the new language files by placing the customized keys from the older files in the new files.
    9. Click Save to save the updates and close the editor.
  14. Go back to Connections Engagement Center and reload the app.