Connections Engagement Center

Connections Engagement Center provides the corporate office, management, and workforce with a single user experience for all communications, as well as a state of the art enterprise social collaboration features and the possibility of adding custom applications. All this runs at the office and on all mobile devices, so the entire workforce – from CEO to intern – can access this most valuable tool regardless of where they are, what their role is, or what devices they prefer.

Why use Connections Engagement Center?

Increases Connections adoption

  • Employees have a reason to access the integrated internal communications
  • People benefit from structured content
  • New hires discover content faster
  • Many people in your organization can be involved with maintaining pages

Increases communication

  • Internal communications are made social
  • Content publishing, liking, and commenting is integrated into the activity stream and will be noticed by peers
  • Responsibility can be effectively delegated to line of business
  • Page Editors can create, publish, and curate content
  • Avoids content fragmentation, overlap, redundancy, inconsistency, and governance problems

Authoring is a snap

  • Creating content is really easy, no technical training required (management compatible)
  • Everything is in one place: authors do not need to choose between two systems to publish their content

Improves employee intranet experiences

  • Eliminates the dichotomy between top-down communication and peer-to-peer collaboration and create a truly integrated social intranet
  • Everything is in one place, employees do not need to choose where to browse and search content
  • Communication and collaboration are either on the same page or available within one click
  • Personalized content
  • Mobile experience