Installing WebSphere® Application Server updates

Update WebSphere® Application Server and its supplemental web server software to the latest supported versions before you install the IBM® Connections Cumulative Refresh.

Before you begin

On the system where the Deployment Manager is installed, verify that Installation Manager 1.8.5 is installed.

About this task

Update WebSphere® Application Server, the IBM® HTTP Server, and IBM® Web Server Plug-ins to bring them to the fix level required for CR1.


  1. From the IM_root directory, run the file to start the IBM® Installation Manager:
    • AIX® or Linux: ./launcher
    • Windows: launcher.exe
      Note: On Windows Server 2008, the launcher.exe file is in the IM_root \eclipse directory.
  2. Install WebSphere® Application Server or higher (make sure you use a version supported by the Connections release that you are updating to).
  3. Install the latest versions of IBM® HTTP Server 8.5.
  4. Install the latest versions of IBM® Web Server Plug-ins for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server 8.5.