Rolling back Connections 6.0 CR1

IBM Connections 6.0 CR1 installs additional WebSphere Enterprise Applications for Metrics, needed if you want to deploy the metrics capability in Component Pack for IBM Connections. If you need to roll back CR1 to Connections 6.0 for any reason, these additional metrics components must be uninstalled before the rollback can be completed.

About this task

Before rolling back Connections 6.0 CR1, you must prepare the deployment by removing additional metrics applications. For more information, see Rollback for IBM Connections 6.0 CR1 with Metrics (Technote 2010545 ).


  1. Shut down the cluster server.
  2. Open the WebSphere Integrated Solution Console, and click Server Types > WebSphere Application Server.
  3. Under Enterprise Applications, select MetricEventCapture and MetricsUI and then click Uninstall.
  4. Click OK to uninstall the applications, and then save the changes to the master configuration.
  5. Go to Resources > JMS > Activation specification.
  6. Select MetricsEventCapture Event Consumer AS and then click Delete.
  7. Save the changes to the master configuration.
  8. Go to System Administrator > Nodes and synchronize the nodes.
  9. Also remove the applications from the files, as follows:
    1. Go to the Connections root directory ( ...\IBM\Connections).
    2. Edit the files and remove the following information
      "metricsEventCapture": {
             "cluster": "ICCluster",
                "metricsUI": {
                "cluster": "ICCluster",
    3. Save the changes as before.


The Connections 6.0 CR1 server is ready to proceed with the rollback to version 6.0.