Updating IBM Connections databases for V6.0 CR5

If you update IBM Connections 6.0 to apply CR5, you must also update databases to accommodate new and changed features.

About this task

IBM Connections 6.0 CR5 requires the following database updates, which you perform on the Deployment Manager:
  • Note: Not required if you are updating from CR3 or higher: Create the XCC database for the new Highlights app .
  • Update the Communities, Files, Homepage and Wiki databases.


  1. On the database server, download and extract the CR5 database update package 60cr5-database-updates.zip to a local directory.
  2. Note: Not required if you are updating from CR3: Create the XCC database for the new Highlights feature by completing the following steps:

    The Highlights app replaces the stand-alone Connections Engagement Center and is now integrated into the Communities application. If you previously deployed the Connections Engagement Center then the XCC database already exists and you can skip this task. The existing database will be used for the Highlights feature and data will retained during the update; however the app itself will moved from its previous location to the Communities server.

    1. In the directory on the Deployment Manager where you extracted the 60cr5-database-updates.zip file, change to the Highlight_DB_Creation subdirectory.
    2. Edit the script for your database product so that the settings reflect your deployment.

      The user name and password that you provide in this script will also be needed during the CR4 update's installation, later in this task.

    3. Run the script to create the XCC database as explained in the Connections Engagement topic, Creating a database.
  3. Update the Files and Wiki databases by completing the following steps:
    1. Verify that you have the permissions needed for updating the database.

      The user who is running the schema update script must have read/write access to the directory that script exports data to. Make sure that the current user has permission to modify any existing ixf and msg files so that the script can overwrite them if necessary.

    2. In the extracted directory, change to the \from-60CR4\database_type subdirectory.
    3. Run the scripts to update the Files and Wiki databases.

      The package contains a readme file with the specific commands for running the update for each database product.

      For more information, see Update strategy for HCL Connections 6.0.

    4. Review the output from the scripts to verify that there are no errors.