Downloading the latest Cumulative Refresh (CR) and related updates

Download an IBM® Connections Cumulative Refresh and related software updates from the IBM® support website.

Before you begin

Back up IBM® Connections and all customized files. For more information, see Getting ready for migrating or updating topics.

About this task

To install the latest CR, first download the following updates:
  • Installation Manager 1.8.5 64-bit or later (needed only if you did not install it with IBM Connections 6.0)
  • WebSphere® Application Server or higher and supplemental software, IBM® HTTP Server 8.5 and Web Server Plug-ins for IBM® WebSphere® Application Server 8.5
  • IBM® Connections 6.0 CR3 update package


  1. On the system where the Deployment Manager is installed, create temporary folders for downloading and extracting the files for this Cumulative Refresh.

    For example, on Windows:


    C:\Install\CONNECTIONS-CR\WAS-FP10 (use the version that you will download)


  2. Using a browser, go to the Fix Central website.
  3. Search for each update you need and follow the online instructions to download and extract each package to the temporary folders you created.