Updating the Solr schema to support type-ahead search

If you installed Solr to support type-ahead search, update the Solr schema from to solr_ssl_V1.1 to solr_ssl_V1.2..


  1. Stop your Solr instance and Search application.
  2. Download and extract the SOLR schema update package to a local directory on the Solr server.
  3. Run the following command to replace the schema.xml file with the newer version from the download.
    The following example command assumes that Solr is installed under /opt/IBM/solr and that you are updating from previous CRs:
    cp -f tmp/60cr4-database-updates/From-60CR3/Solr/schema.xml /opt/IBM/solr/solr-4.7.2/node1/solr/quick-results-collection/conf/schema.xml 
  4. Start the Solr instance.
  5. Start the Search application.