(Optional) Disabling the Highlights app

If you do not want to configure TLS/SSL so that users can securely access the new Highlights app in IBM Connections, you can disable the app.

About this task

IBM Connections 6.0 CR3 Communities now integrates a subset of IBM Connections Engagement Center features, collectively known as the "Highlights app." This app can be customized to retrieve community content and present it to fit the needs of your community. To add widgets within the new Highlights app, users must access the server using HTTPS protocol over a secure connection.

For more information on setting up an encrypted connection, see Configuring IBM HTTP Server for an encrypted connection and Forcing traffic to be sent over an encrypted connection.

If you choose not to enable TLS/SSL in your deployment, you should disable the Highlights app by completing the following steps. When you disable the app, it no longer displays in the Add App panel for Communities.


  1. Prevent the Highlights app from showing in the Add App panel for Communities by completing the following steps.
    1. Start the wsadmin client and check out the widgets-config.xml file as explained in Using the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.
    2. Edit the file and comment out the following lines:
      <widgetDef bundleRefId="highlights" defId="Highlights" description="Highlights.description" modes="view fullpage" showInPalette="true" themes="wpthemeNarrow wpthemeWide wpthemeBanner" uniqueInstance="true" url="{webresourcesSvcRef}/../../xcc/templates/iWidgetXCCCommunityDefinition.xml">
                              <item name="lang" value="{lang}"/>
    3. Save the file and check it back in as explained in the same topic, Using the widgets-config.xml file for Communities.
  2. Disable the ICEC .ear file by completing the following steps:
    1. On the Deployment Manager for Communities, log in to the IBM® WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console as the administrator.
    2. Click Applications > Application Types > WebSphere Enterprise Applications.
    3. Select the ICEC .ear file, and click Stop.
    4. Click on the ICEC app to display its Configuration page.
    5. On the Configuration page, click Target specific application status.
    6. Click Disable Auto Start.
    7. Click Save in the "Messages" box to update the master configuration.