How do I create pages?

You must have Owner or Editor access to create a page. If you have Reader access only, ask a wiki member with Owner access to give you Editor access.

Before you begin

An administrator sets a limit on the size of a wiki. Wiki Owners and Editors can see a wiki's size limit and usage by clicking Index, expanding the Pages section, and then clicking either I Edited or Edited by. The size limit and usage statistics are displayed with the list of pages.

Note: To create pages in a community wiki, you must be a member of the community. Access to a community wiki is managed in the community. Community owners can edit and delete Community wikis while Community members can create and edit pages in the wiki. Users who are not members of the community can read the wiki content but cannot create pages nor edit content. For more information, see the Communities wiki help.


  1. Open a page at the same level at which you want to create a page.
  2. Complete any of the following steps:
    • Right-click on a page in the navigation box and click Create Child or Create Peer.
    • Click Page Actions > Create Peer to create a page at the same level as the current page.
    • Click Page Actions > Create Child to create a page one level below the current page.
    • In the navigation tree, click New Page to create a page at the top level in the wiki.

What to do next

Edit the content in either the Rich Text tab, Wiki Text tab, or HTML Source tab. Click the Wiki Text tab to use common wiki editing conventions such as “=" surrounding titles, and “**" for bold emphasis. To use the HTML editor, you must be familiar with HTML code. The default view is Rich Text. For more information, see Using the rich text editor in Wikis.

To add attachments, click the Attachments tab and click Add an attachment.

To delete a page, click Page Actions > Move to Trash. To permanently delete it, select the page in the Trash view and click Delete.