Browsing forums

Browse the forums in your organization to search for solutions to problems or to share your opinion with others.

About this task

Forums are areas where you can discuss issues with others and collect feedback about different subjects.

The Public Forums page displays all the public forums in your organization, including any public community forums. Browse the list of forums to find one that interests you. The Topics/Messages shows you how many topics and messages a forum contains. You can also see who last updated the forum.


To view forums and forum topics, complete any of the following steps:
  • Open the Public Forums page to view a list of the public forums in your organization.
  • When you see a forum that interests you, click the forum title to open the forum. A list of topics in the forum is displayed, showing the number of replies to each topic, who updated the topic, and when it was modified.
  • Sort a list of topics by the number of replies or likes, or by date modified.
  • In the Owner area of the page, you can see who owns the forum.
  • Click a topic title to open the topic. A threaded view of the topic is displayed, showing the original topic and any responses to it.
  • Click Like to recommend a topic or a reply to a topic. Undo your recommendation by clicking Unlike.
  • Click the Like icon to display a list of people who liked the topic or reply.

What to do next

When you are navigating a long discussion thread, click the user name under a response title to display the post to which the user is responding. That post might be the original topic or it might be another reply to the topic.

Use the My Forums page to track the forums in which you participate. Use the options in the navigation bar to display the forums that you are following, the community forums that you are a member of, or the forums that you own.