Downloading the latest Cumulative Refresh (CR) and related updates

Download an IBM® Connections Cumulative Refresh and related software updates from the IBM support website.

Before you begin

Back up IBM Connections and FileNet® components and all customized files. For more information, see Getting ready for migrating or updating topics.

About this task

To install the latest CR, first download the following updates:
  • Installation Manager 1.8.4 (needed only if you did not install it with IBM Connections 5.5)
  • WebSphere® Application Server and its supplemental software, IBM HTTP Server 8.5 and Web Server Plug-ins for IBM WebSphere Application Server 8.5
  • IBM Connections 5.5 CR2
You must also download the following updates if they apply to your environment. You install these updates after you install the IBM Connections Cumulative Refresh.
  • FileNet 5.2.1 FP4 updates for IBM Connections Content Manager for FileNet Content Engine Server, Content Engine Client, and the Collaboration Services (IBM Content Navigator - 2.0.3 FP7)


  1. On the system where the Deployment Manager is installed, create temporary folders for downloading and extracting the files for this Cumulative Refresh.

    For example, on Windows™:





  2. Using a browser, go to the Fix Central website.
  3. Search for each update you need and follow the online instructions to download and extract each package to the temporary folders you created.
    • Updates for WebSphere Application Server and supplemental software, and IBM Connections are included with CR2.
    • FileNet updates are included with CR2. Extract all FileNet server and client update packages into the FILENETCR2 folder you created.