Migrating and updating

Migrate IBM® Connections and its supporting software to the latest release and then update the installation with the latest interim fixes or Cumulative Refresh (CR).

About migrating

Migrate an IBM Connections 4.5 or 5.0. Built-in wizards and scripts move your data, configuration settings, and databases from 4.5 or 5.0 to IBM Connections™ 5.5.
Note: IBM Connections 4.5 GA, 4.5 (with CRs), 5.0 GA and 5.0 (with CRs) can be migrated directly to IBM Connections 5.5.

If you have any customized header, footer, theme, or CSS files, you might need to update those customizations manually. For more information, see the Saving your customizations topic.

Note: You must delete any Search-related data from your IBM Connections 4.5/5.0 content stores, such as indexes and statistics. The 5.5 installation generates new Search-related data.

About updating

Update IBM Connections 5.5 with the latest interim fixes or Cumulative Refresh (CR).

When you have updated, you might need to reconfigure IBM HTTP Server. For more information, see Configuring IBM HTTP Server.