Customize IBM® Connections to fit your environment.

Customize IBM Connections to fit your environment. This documentation is provided to help you customize your deployment of IBM Connections. IBM Support can address questions about the customization process, but cannot address questions about the particulars of your customization. If you customized an earlier version of IBM Connections, there is no migration path provided for importing your changes into IBM Connections 4.5 or later. Before upgrading, review and make a note of your existing customizations so that you can verify them post-migration and rework if necessary. In addition, customization work might no longer be valid if a customized file is updated with a subsequent fix pack or interim fix.

Additional information about the CSS and HTML markup structure used in IBM Connections is available in the IBM ConnectionsDeveloper Guide at:

Review these topics to help you customize IBM Connections for your organization, or to help you build components that integrate with IBM Connections.