Administering the SharePoint app

As a SharePoint administrator you can add the Microsoft SharePoint app to IBM Connections so community members can view, edit and share documents from a SharePoint server as if they were within SharePoint.

About this task

As a SharePoint system administrator, you must complete the following SharePoint Server tasks for Microsoft SharePoint to display inside the IBM Connections SharePoint app.


  1. Map Network Drive
    • To make the required changes to the SharePoint Server file system from where the resources are loaded, you must connect to the SharePoint File system through a network drive mapping.
    • The mapping should be made to the root of the SharePoint Site Collection which is the root of the site pages that are required to be displayed inside the SharePoint Files widget in IBM Connections. This is assuming child sites of the root site collection are inheriting the same masterpage configuration.
    • From windows, to map a drive, navigate Computer>Map Network Drive and enter the URL of the SharePoint Root Site collection. When prompted for credentials, enter the SharePoint administrator credentials. See Creating a shortcut to map a network drive
  2. Create folder structure for IBM custom files:
    • Inside the above directory for the parent site, create two folders named CSS and Java.
  3. Copy Javascript & CSS from the Resource location (*1)
    • Download or save a copy of the ibm_connections.js from the specified resource location. Save this file onto the SharePoint server in the newly created Javascript folder created in the above step.
  4. Enable publishing of master pages (if this is not already activated).
    • To enable the modification of the SharePoint .HTML masterpage to include a link to the ibm_connections.js, a SharePoint administrator needs to enable the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure feature at the top level Site Settings*. This will make the .HTML masterpage available to edit to include the modification outlined in the following Step 5.
    • From the root of your site collections, click Settings>Site Settings>Site Collection Administration. Navigate to SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure and select Activate.
    • If the SharePoint masterpage for a site collection is not configured to inherit from a parent masterpage, then the .HTML masterpage will need to be modified at that site level. Repeat steps 1-4 at the site level. See also Enable Publishing Features.
  5. If SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure is activated, navigate to the root of the site collections file system as discussed in Step 1 (map network drive). Example URI: **SiteRoot**/_catalogs/masterpage/ Edit the .HTML Masterpage file that is being used by the site collection (Example: seattle.html ).
    • Add the following javascript tag ensuring the location of the javascript file matches the folder created in Step 2 (Create folder structure). <script> type="text/javascript" src="sites/col3/_catalogs/javascript/standard_share_point_dev.js"></script>