Customizing the BIRT report viewer

The view settings for the BIRT report viewer in the Report Launcher for HCL Compass web interface are determined by the generated URL for running and viewing reports. You can change the view settings by modifying the URL template in the Report Launcher for HCL Compass configuration file.

About this task
This task requires updating the configuration file. The configuration file is found in the directory where HCL Compass web applications are deployed. If HCL Compass is deployed in the WebSphere® profile, this is the default path for the configuration file:
On Windows®:
On Unix

Where COMPASS_HOME is the directory where HCL Compass is installed.

  1. Edit the configuration file.
  2. In the file, locate the reports.launcher.birt.serverPath setting that defines the default URL template for starting the BIRT Report Viewer. Then, change the settings as needed.
    For example, to suppress the display of the report viewer toolbar, change the toolbar=true setting to toolbar=false:
    %reportPath&__title=%title& __toolbar=false
    For a description of other viewer settings, see