Reading properties

To read properties from a resource, the client must create a PropertyRequest that identifies the properties to be read and pass the request as an argument to the Resource proxy's doReadProperties() method.

You can also use other do methods so properties can be retrieved in the same server interaction that also performs an operation on the resource. The do methods pass the resource location specified by the proxy and the list of desired properties to the repository. For example:
// create a PropertyRequest requesting the specified 
// property names      
PropertyRequest wantedProps = new PropertyRequest(Resource.DISPLAY_NAME, Resource.COMMENT);

// you must call doReadProperties to retrieve the properties 
// through the proxy
my_resource = my_resource.doReadProperties(wantedProps);

//  work with the properties 
//  for example, get and set values for these properties
// ...

The response from the server is returned through the CM API back to the client application as a new proxy that contains the requested properties. The property values obtained by the doReadProperties method are stored in the proxy it returns.

After a proxy is populated with properties, the value of these properties can be extracted from the proxy by using either a PropertyName object or the access method defined by the proxy class for the property. The API provides getPropertyName methods for each statically-defined property, to get its value from a proxy. See Naming convention for get and set property value methods for more information.