Additional resource properties

Additional property values that are not defined by the HCL Compass CM API can be available for HCL Compass resources by using the API interfaces described in this topic.

  • CqRecord

    A kind of CqResource (and subinterface of CqContextResource) for which the HCL Compass product server defines a set of properties that is not statically defined by the HCL Compass CM API. The server-defined properties can be obtained from the CqRecordType associated with the resource.

  • CqRecordType

    A form of context type resource that contains a specification for each schema-defined property of a defined resource.

  • CqFieldDefinition

    A proxy for a property definition which provides static information about server-defined properties.

CqFieldDefinition and record type fields

The properties of a HCL Compass CqRecord that are specified by the record type are called fields. Each field is specified by a field definition resource that is tied to the record type. The field definition specifies the static characteristics of a field, such as its name, its value type, and perhaps a list of its valid values. Some characteristics of a field depend on the state of the record or the action being performed on the record at a given time. These characteristics are specified as meta-properties of the field property.

The HCL Compass CM API CqFieldDefinition object is a proxy class for a field definition resource.