Configuring HCL Compass CM API logging

You can configure HCL Compass CM API logging.

About this task

HCL Compass CM API logging is controlled by using the file that is associated with the JRE that runs your application. The file is located in the jre\lib directory of your JDK.

Logging is disabled by default. You should enable logging at the INFO level.

These settings result in a log file named CMLogger[#].log, where [#] designates the file rotation number. Each file is located in the HOME directory of the logged-in user; the output rolls from file to file as each is full.

Using the entries in the previous example designates that the log records are appended to the end of the applicable file, and each entry is stored in simple format. You must stop and restart the application for the changes to the file to be recognized.

When a log output file is full, a new file is created and the previous file is renamed to contain the date and timestamp when the file rotation occurred. Each file holds 20 MB of data and new entries are appended to the existing entries, including across application restarts. When the log file count reaches 20, the rotation to a new file causes the oldest file to be deleted.

For more information about how to configure Java™ logging, see the Javadoc documentation associated with your JDK for java.util.logging.Logger and java.util.logging.FileHandler.

If you create a custom log properties file, you must specify the location of the file by using the -D argument. For example:

java -Djava.util.logging.config.file=C:\ your_client_java_program_that_uses_CM-API