Naming convention for get and set property value methods

For each resource type, the HCL Compass CM API provides specific methods to get and possibly set the values of properties defined by the interface.

For example, the Compass CqRecord interface defines the PropertyNames HAS_DUPLICATES, FIELDS_UPDATED_THIS_SET_VALUE, and ALL_FIELD_VALUES. Corresponding to these, it defines the methods getHasDuplicates, getFieldsUpdatedThisSetValue, and getAllFieldValues.

The API uses the following naming convention for PropertyNames fields and the corresponding get and set methods for the property value. For a given PropertyName XXXXX_YYY_ZZZZZ (for example, DISPLAY_NAME):
  • The get method for the property is getXxxxxYyyZzzzz (for example, getDisplayName or getComment).
  • The set method for the property is setXxxxxYyyZzzzz (for example, setDisplayName or setComment).
For example:
String  DisplayName =  my_resource.getDisplayName();
String  DisplayFields =  my_resource.getComment();

If a set method is not defined, the property cannot be set directly with the HCL Compass CM API.

You can also get and set property values with the getProperty and setProperty methods.
  • getXxxxxYyyZzzzz() is equivalent to getProperty(XXXXX_YYY_ZZZZZ). For example, getDisplayName is equivalent to getProperty(DISPLAY_NAME).
  • setXxxxxYyyZzzzz(val) is equivalent to setProperty(XXXXX_YYY_ZZZZZ, val). For example, setDisplayName(val) is equivalent to setProperty(DISPLAY_NAME, val)

See Additional information about properties for more information.