Transferring mastership of a working schema repository

The administrator at the working schema repository is responsible for modifying schemas and adding new families to a clan. If you want to transfer responsibility for these tasks to another site, you must change mastership of the working schema repository.

About this task

To transfer mastership of a working schema repository:
  1. At the working schema repository replica, enter a chmaster command:
    multiutil chmaster -clan telecomm -site boston_hub -family MASTR -user susan 
    –password passwd sanfran_hub -workingmaster 
  2. At the old working schema repository, export an update packet to the new working schema repository:
    multiutil syncreplica -export -family MASTR -user susan -password passwd 
    -workdir c:\temp\shipping -fship -sc cq_default sanfran_hub 
  3. At the new working schema repository, import the packet:
    multiutil syncreplica -import -family MASTR -user jcole -password passwd 
    -receive -sc cq_default 
  4. At the new working schema repository, verify that mastership has been received:
    multiutil describe -clan telecomm -site sanfran_hub -family MASTR -workingmaster