Transferring mastership of a record

You can transfer the mastership of database records when users from other sites need write access to them.

About this task

HCL Compass MultiSite includes a system field called ratl_mastership. The value of this field is the replica that masters the respective record. To allow users to change the mastership of a record, you must add this field to the form of the record type. You can add the ratl_mastership field to the form of a record type at any time.

Note: Only users at the master replica of a record can change its mastership.
For each record type for which you want to allow users to change record mastership, use the HCL Compass Designer at the working schema repository to modify the schema of the replica family. To add the ratl_mastership field to a record form:
  1. In the Workspace, expand Record Types, and then expand the desired record type.
  2. Double-click the form.
  3. Click the tab to which you want to add the field, or click Edit > Add Tab to add a new tab to contain the field.
  4. Using the Field List, drag the ratl_mastership field to the tab.
  5. Check in the modified schema.
  6. Upgrade the appropriate user databases to use the new schema.
  7. Generate and send an update packet. Update packets automatically contain schema updates. Administrators at other sites must upgrade their user database replicas to use the new schema revision.