Invalid destination

When the destination is not properly specified, the shipping server fails because it cannot determine where to deliver the packet.

The local hosts hosts file, hosts NIS map, or Domain Name Service must list one of the following hosts:
  • Destination host
  • Next-hop host corresponding to the destination host (on Linux™ and the UNIX™ system, defined in a ROUTE entry in the hosts shipping.conf file; on Windows™, defined in the Routing Information section in the hosts MultiSite Control Panel.

If hosts in your network are known only by their IP addresses, you can use the IP addresses instead of host names.

In the absence of such entries, the shipping server fails, because it cannot determine where to deliver the packet. In this case, it writes error messages to its log file (Linux and the UNIX system) or the Windows Event Viewer.

If the destination host name was misspelled, use the mkorder command to create a new shipping order with the correct host name. If you misspell a host name in a mkreplica -export command, the incorrect host name is recorded. Verify the error with lsreplica -long, and correct the spelling with chreplica.

In other cases, you may have to revise the hosts database of remote hosts. The sending host must be able to communicate with the receiving hosts using TCP/IP. Use the rcp command on the sending host to copy a file to the receiving host. If it fails, you have a set up or networking problem with your host.