Shipping order expires

If the shipping server finds that a shipping order has expired, it attempts to return the packet to the originating host.

Also, it sends a mail message to one or more administrators on the original sending host, and sends another mail message when the packet is returned to the original sending host. On Windows™, if e-mail notification is not enabled, the shipping server writes a message to the Windows Event Viewer.

Use the lspacket command to check the return bays on your host. The packet files may have been returned by store-and-forward. If so, try again to deliver the packet:
  • Fix the store-and-forward packet-delivery mechanism (for example, by fixing the network connection). Then use mkorder to create a new shipping order for each physical packet file in the return bay.
  • If you cannot fix the store-and-forward mechanism, deliver the packet by some other means. For example, copy the packet file to a CD, and mail the CD to the remote sites.

If the packet files are not in your hosts return bays, they may be in transit. Search for the files immediately, because a packet that cannot be returned to its originating host within 14 days is deleted.