Naming conflict resolution

If you do not impose a site-specific naming convention for Workspace items (queries, reports, charts, and so on), users and groups, and other stateless records, it is possible to have different objects with the same name.

For example, duplicate names can occur when user administrators at two sites within a clan add the same user name within a synchronization cycle. In this case, after the replicas are synchronized, two users have the same name.

Internally, HCL Compass ensures that records and Workspace names are unique:
  • For record types that use states, HCL Compass uses database ID numbers to ensure uniqueness.
  • For stateless record types (including users and groups), HCL Compass uses unique keys and stores the name of the originating site, or keysite.
  • For Workspace items, HCL Compass stores the name of the originating site, or keysite, and the name of the Workspace item.