Error messages

The messages listed in this topic are generated by the mkorder, mkreplica, shipping_server, and syncreplica commands.

Table 1. Shipping error messages
Error message Information
cannot find a storage bay for class class-name: no such bay specified No storage bay is assigned to storage class class-name in the shipping.conf file or the MultiSite Control Panel.
cannot find a storage bay for class class-name: all applicable bays are either inaccessible or do not contain byte-count free bytes Lack of permission or lack of free disk space prevents use of storage bays for class class-name.
cyclic delivery route detected to host hostname (via next-hop-hostname) for order shipping-order-pname The shipping order lists next-hop-hostname as a previous hop in the packets delivery route. If the packet is sent to next-hop-hostname (which is specified in a ROUTE entry in the shipping.conf file or in the Routing Information section in the MultiSite Control Panel), it will eventually come back to the current host. Check the routing information on the hosts in the delivery path and fix any circular routes.
file file-pname does not contain a valid shipping order The shipping server attempted to process a file that is not a shipping order.
for security reasons, shipping order shipping-order-pname cannot be processed: data file file-pname must be in the same directory as the shipping order A shipping order and its associated packet file must be in the same directory.
giving up trying to return order shipping-order-pname to host hostname (original data file was file-pname) The shipping server cannot return a packet or other file to its original sending host (for example, because its shipping order expired) and has deleted the shipping order and data file.
ignoring storage bay storage-bay-pname: reason The storage bay directory specified in the shipping.conf file or MultiSite Control Panel does not exist or is inaccessible.
shipping order shipping-order-pname not found (perhaps previously sent?) During receipt handler processing, the shipping server cannot find the shipping order of a packet that is to be forwarded to another host. A shipping_server -poll invocation may have sent the packet already. (If the packet is to be applied to replicas on the host, the imports occur before the packet is forwarded. This leaves a window of opportunity for a scheduled polling operation to send the packet.)