Updating link configuration for OSLC integrations

If you upgraded from HCL Compass version or earlier and your environment supports OSLC integrations, update the OSLC configuration to prevent link errors.

Before you begin

Complete this task after you upgrade from HCL Compass version or earlier.

About this task

When you upgrade HCL Compass Web Server from version or earlier, the new oslc:version and oslc:domain parameters do not have valid values because these parameters were not supported in HCL Compass releases earlier than version As a result, you might encounter JavaScriptâ„¢ issues when you attempt to access links in HCL Compass records to external OSLC resources.
The linking errors can occur in either of these scenarios:
  • The project link was created in the HCL Compass Web client interface in a version earlier than
  • The project link was created from another application to the HCL Compass Web client interface in a version of HCL Compass earlier than
When this problem exists, the preview for a linked artifact does not display when you hover over the link. If you use Firebug to debug the problem, this error is returned: 406 Not Acceptable.
OSLC version and domain notations provides examples of the OSLC version and domain notations that are supported by HCL Compass version and later.

To resolve OSLC linking errors in HCL Compass Web client, update the HCL Compass web link configuration in the project-area-links.rdf file to use valid version and domain specifications.


Choose one of these methods to update the OSLC configuration parameters.
Recommended method (does not require restarting HCL Compass Web server)
  1. Remove existing project links from the Project Relationships administration page.
    The project-area-links.rdf file is in the following directory: < profile-root>\installedApps\< cell>\TeamEAR.ear\cqweb.war\WEB-INF\classes where the variable parameters have these values:
    • < profile-root> is the root directory of the WebSphere® Application Server profile where HCL Compass is deployed.
    • < cell> is the Name of the WebSphere Application Server cell
  2. In the HCL Compass project-area-links.rdf file, confirm that the new links have valid values.
  3. Add each project link again.
Alternate method (requires restarting HCL Compass Web Server)
  1. In the project-area-links.rdf file, manually add or edit the oslc:version and oslc:domain parameters and associated values.
  2. Restart HCL Compass Web Server.