Configuring your environment after upgrading

After upgrading HCL Compass and installing any new components, there are series of tasks to perform both to verify a successful upgrade, and to configure new or upgraded components.

To determine what you need to configure, review the decisions you made when Planning your upgrade.

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Table 1. Post-upgrade workflow
Task Client and/or Server Information Comments
Restart servers to verify a successful upgrade Server Restart and verify servers
Clear browser cache Client Clearing the browser cache before you use the HCL Compass Web client
Upgrade feature levels Server Changing the feature level and metaschema version
Configure the features that are part of the feature level you have upgraded to Server Revisit the section, Decide on the feature level for schema repositories and databases to determine which features require configuration.
Migrating from Change Management (CM) Server to CQ Web Server Server Migrating Compass Web configuration settings Complete the migration from CM server to CQ Web Server.
Select the packages to upgrade. Upgrading packages to the latest version ensures that you can take advantage of the latest feature and performance enhancements. Server Upgrading packages to the latest versions
Apply packages to schemas Client


Upgrading packages
Configuring secure connections Server Configuring secure connections
Update the HCL Compass Welcome page configuration Server Set the HELP_SERVER_URL property in the file to this valueHELP_SERVER_URL=http://localhost:<port_number>
Configure Reporting Server Reporting deployment planning
Change data code pages Server Working with HCL Compass data code pages
Test client upgrade success, announce server availability, provide new Web URL for HCL Compass Web, and provide users with the location to upgrade their clients from and to update their connections Client


Propagating connection information to clients