installutil setauthenticationalgorithm

The installutil setauthenticationalgorithm subcommand controls whether HCL Compass supports both HCL Compass and LDAP authentication or only HCL Compass authentication for the specified database set.


installutil setauthenticationalgorithm dbset_name cq_login cq_password algorithm


HCL Compass lets you specify a mixture of users authenticated for HCL Compass and LDAP. Specify the CQ_FIRST algorithm if the database set contains both types of authenticated users. Specify CQ_ONLY if the database set contains only users authenticated for HCL Compass.

Running this command to change the authentication algorithm does not affect the sessions of users currently logged in to HCL Compass. HCL Compass performs authentication only when the user logs in.

Options and Arguments

One of the following values:
  • CQ_FIRST: HCL Compass searches the HCL Compass user database for a user profile record whose Login field value matches the user name that the user entered in the Login window. If HCL Compass finds a match and the user profile record is marked for HCL Compass authentication, HCL Compass performs traditional HCL Compass authentication.

    If HCL Compass finds a match and the user profile record is marked for LDAP authentication, or if HCL Compass does not find a match, HCL Compass attempts to authenticate the user against LDAP.

  • CQ_ONLY: (Default) HCL Compass attempts to authenticate users against the HCL Compass database set only. HCL Compass does not attempt LDAP authentication.


In the following example, the installutil sethauthenticationalgorithm subcommand instructs HCL Compass to use HCL Compass authentication first.
installutil setauthenticationalgorithm dbset1 bob_admin bob_pw CQ_FIRST

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