Migrating customized struts assets

HCL Commerce Version 9 uses Apache Struts 2 as the preferred platform for developing enterprise Java web applications. Struts 2 provides plugin support for REST and Spring, which are important components of the HCL Commerce platform. It is also designed for more streamlined development and is fully integrated with the HCL Commerce deployment pipeline.

If you have existing Struts 1.x web applications, you can upgrade them to use Struts 2. Most of the required changes can be made by changing a small set of configuration files. A complete list of configuration file changes is provided as well as instructions on making the changes. You can also use new Struts 2 features for, eg., double-click protection (see Double-click handlng on the client side using Struts 2)and the Struts file upload feature (see Enabling the Struts 2 file upload feature).

For a review of discontinued Struts 1.x features, see Discontinued functionality in HCL Commerce Version 9.