Adding in-context preview support for a new business object

In-context preview leverages the URL information of an object to be able to directly preview the business object in the storefront. To add in-context preview support for additional business objects, you must define a service call to retrieve the URL information and ensure that the information is returned in a specific format.

Note: By default, in-context preview only functions for catalog objects and store page objects in the Catalogs tool and Commerce Composer tool respectively if SEO is enabled. Otherwise, store preview always opens to the home page, rather than to a specific store page. In-context preview is also supported for stores that use dynamic URLs, but it is recommended to use SEO-friendly URLs.

Before you begin

About this task

When you create new business objects in Management Center, you might want to add in-context preview support for these business objects. For example, you might create a recipe tool that manages recipe pages for your store. If you customize your business objects to support in-context preview, store preview can directly open to the associated store page rather than to the home page.