HCL Commerce Enterprise

List of shipped price rule element templates and task commands

Price rule elements have different requirements depending on their function. Reviewing details about the conditions and actions shipped with the Management Center can help you understand the requirements for a new price rule element. You can also view the API documentation for any of the task commands.

The tables in this section list the conditions and actions shipped with Management Center, along with:
  • The name of the associated price rule element template
  • The name of its task command

To reduce the width of the tables, some names in the columns have line breaks added. In the code, these names must display without line breaks.

Conditions shipped with Management Center

Condition name in Management CenterElement template nameElement task command
Catalog ConditioncatalogConditioncom.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.CatalogConditionElementCmd
Customer ConditioncustomerConditioncom.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.CustomerConditionElementCmd
Comparison ConditioncompareConditioncom.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.ComparisonConditionElementCmd
Price List ConditionpriceListCondition com.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.PriceListConditionElementCmd

Actions shipped with Management Center

Action name in Management CenterCampaign element template nameCampaign element task command
Get Price from Price List priceListcom.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.PriceListElementCmd
Calculate PricecalculatePrice com.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.CalculatePriceElementCmd
Apply RoundingroundingPricecom.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.RoundingElementCmd
Apply Nested Price Rule nestedPriceRule com.ibm.commerce.price.rule.commands.element.NestedPriceRuleElementCmd