Management Center shell

The Management Center shell consists of the user interface elements that are common for the overall Management Center interface. These elements are not specific to any individual Management Center tool.

The Management Center shell includes the Management Center logon screen, banner, tabs and work area, and the status area.

Logon dialog

Before you can use Management Center or any specific Management Center tool, you must log on to Management Center. The following image shows the default Management Center logon dialog.

Management Center logon dialog.
To log on to Management Center, use your HCL Commerce user ID and password. This ID and password is the same ID and password that you use to log on to any HCL Commerce tools, such as HCL Commerce Accelerator.
Note: A store must be published before you can log on to Management Center.


The top section of the Management Center user interface is called the banner. The banner includes the Management Center Tools menu, the user ID area, logout link, and the branding logo. If you are working within a workspace, the banner also displays the names of the workspace and workspace task.
Management Center banner.
Management Center Tools menu
Click the Management Center Tools menu button to display the menu options:

Management Center tools menu options.
You can use this menu to complete any of the following tasks:
  • Open a Management Center tool. A site administrator can view and open all Management Center tools in this menu. A business user, however, can view and open only the tools that they are granted access to use.
  • Access getting started information about Management Center. The getting started information provides you with short movies that you can watch to understand how to use aspects of Management Center.
  • Set user preferences for Management Center. You can set the default store that you want to work with, the user interface language, the locale for number formatting, configure help options. The Management Center preferences are global to Management Center, and these preferences are used as the defaults each time that a business user logs on to Management Center.
User ID area
The user ID area identifies the business user that is logged in to the current Management Center session. The text "Welcome user_ID" displays in the banner.
Logout link
Use this link to properly exit your current Management Center session. Do not simply close the browser window. If you close your browser without properly logging off, any unsaved work is lost.
Branding logo
The branding logo is typically your company logo image, for branding purposes. By default, the logo is the HCL logo. Replace the default image with the logo that you want to use for your own company.

Tabs and work area

Upon selecting a tool from the Management Center Tools menu, the tool displays in a separate tab in Management Center.:

Management Center tool tabs with workspaces enabled.
Each tab contains a work area for managing objects within that tool. For example, the Promotions tool includes a work area for managing promotions. Although each tool contains different content, the shell that includes the code to create and maintain the tabs for each tool is common to all tools.

Status area

The bottom section of the Management Center user interface is called the status area. Within the status area, messages and the progress indicator display to provide the results of any action that you perform in Management Center. For example, saving a file or searching for information.

Management Center status area.
In addition, you can open the Message Console button message console from the status area to view the messages for your current session. All status, object, and system messages display in the message console. You can sort, view, copy, and clear these messages.