Displaying product variants in the storefront

New stores built using the HCL Commerce Version framework are automatically able to display variants. If you are migrating stores from a previous version of the product, you must manually enable the display of variants within them.

About this task

You can use the Data Load utility to enable product variant display in migrated storefronts. Templates are provided for both B2B and B2C stores. You can find them in the following directories:
  • B2B: WCDE_installdir/samples/DataLoad/CommerceComposer/layout-Variant-B2B
  • B2C: WCDE_installdir/samples/DataLoad/CommerceComposer/layout-Variant-B2C


  1. Open for editing the variant layout file for the store type you are migrating. You can adapt the CSV example for your own purposes, then load it using Data Load.
  2. Enable the Variant Display JSP.
    By default, the variant display page is rendered by ProductDisplay.jsp, just as is the Product display page. This JSP file is located at crs-web/WebContent/AuroraStorefrontAssetStore/ShoppingArea/CatalogSection/CatalogEntrySubsection/ProductDisplay.jsp.

    If you have already published your own StorefrontAssetStore, and if there is no customization in ProductDisplay.jsp, then copy the new version from the source directory to MyStorefrontAssetStore. If you have already done some customization for the product display page, then merge the code after comparing the files.