Starting the Customization server Docker container by retrieving parameters from Vault

Learn about how to start Customization server Docker container by specifying CONFIGURE_MODE=Vault.

Mandatory parameters

These are the mandatory parameters that you need to specify to configure the container to retrieve more parameters from Vault. You can pass these parameters only as container environment variables.

Parameter name (key) Value
TENANT The name of the group that contains your set of environments. For example, MyCompany.
ENVIRONMENT The name of the environment. For example, Non-production.
ENVTYPE The environment type. Accepted values are auth and live.
VAULT_TOKEN The Vault token to use to connect to Vault and request certification from Vault PKI.
VAULT_URL The Vault URL to use to connect to Vault and request certification from Vault PKI.
SPIUSER_NAME Your SPIUSER name. The default value is spiuser.
Note: From version onward, the SPIUSER_NAME parameter is optional. If it is not specified, then the default value is assumed.
SPIUSER_PWD The encrypted password for the spiuser. For more information, see Setting the spiuser password in your Docker images.
ADMIN_SPIUSER_PWD The ADMIN_SPIUSER_PWD must be the same value as SPIUSER_PWD but kept as plain text.

Optional parameters

These are optional parameters. You can pass these parameters as container environment variables, or you can store them in Vault. If you store the key-value pairs in Vault, the /SETUP/bin/ script retrieves the values from Vault. All parameters that you specify as container environment variables take precedence over the values that are stored in Vault.

Parameter name (key) Value
DOMAIN_NAME The internal service domain name. The default value is : default.svc.cluster.local. If the deployed environment is on a special namespace on Kubernetes, the domain name should be .svc.cluster.local.
HEALTH_CENTER_ENABLED Specify whether Health Center is enabled. Accepted values are true and false.

The default value is false.

EXPOSE_METRICS Specify if you want to enable metrics for the commerce environment.
SEARCH_HOST The search service host name. This value depends on which search service you are using, and the environment type.
SEARCH_PORT The search service port number.
TX_HOST The Transaction server hostname.
TX_PORT The Transaction server port. The default value is 5443.