Compiling JavaServer Page files

Compiling the JavaServer Page (JSP) files in your site or store will significantly reduce the amount of time needed to load your store. As a result, it is recommended that you batch-compile your store or site JSP files after publishing a store archive and after deploying JSP files to a production environment.

If you are deploying Java EE assets, and those assets contain JSP files, ensure you compile your JSP files. Regardless of whether you deploy a single file, a partial application, or an entire module, you should do this if there are JSP files involved.

Before you begin

The code responsible for checking for the use of reserved keywords as EL variable identifiers was enhanced in WebSphere Application Server v8.0 and beyond, making the checking more strict. The variable checking code not only checks for reserved EL keywords, but also Java reserved keywords. To ensure that HCL Commerce pages compile correctly, follow this procedure in this document, .


  1. Start a command line session.
  2. Change to the following directory: WC_profiledir/bin
  3. To compile all HCL Commerce JSP files, run the following command:
    LinuxAIX "WC_instance_name" "Stores.war" -compileToWebInf false "cellname" "nodename" "server1"
    For IBM i OS operating system
    JspBatchCompiler "WC_instance_name" "Stores.war" -compileToWebInf false "cellname" "nodename" "server1" -profileName "WAS_instance_name"
    Note: If a default WebSphere Application Server instance is used, the and parameters are set to the hostname by default. If a non-default WebSphere Application Server instance is used, the and parameters are set to the hostname_WAS_instance_name by default.
    JspBatchCompiler.bat "WC_instance_name" "Stores.war"
    -compileToWebInf false "cellname" "nodename" "server1"
    HCL Commerce Developer
    JspBatchCompiler.bat "WC" "Stores.war" -compileToWebInf false "localhost" "localhost" "server1"
    is the name of the HCL Commerce instance for which you are compiling the JSP files. The name of the default HCL Commerce instance is demo.
    is the name of your cell. The default value is WC_ instance_name_cell.
    is the name of your node that runs HCL Commerce. The default value is WC_ instance_name_node.

    To compile all of the HCL Commerce JSP files for your site, omit the "Stores.war" option.

    Several errors are logged when you perform these compiles. You can safely ignore these errors.