Controlling access for HCL Commerce Accelerator

You can update the access control policies for HCL Commerce Accelerator to control access to the tool and grant users access to the tool for a store type.


  1. Modify the appropriate HCL Commerce Accelerator XML file to grant the role access to the tool menus. Open the XML file for your particular store type, for instance, if your store type is a B2B store, modify the following file:


  2. Add the user role to the appropriate access control policy. Based on your store type, a corresponding access control policy exists to enable the user to access the HCL Commerce Accelerator menus.
    For example, if your store type is a B2B store, the following access control policy is available to grant access to the tool menus.
    <Policy Name="B2BCSAViewUsersForOrgExecuteB2BCSAViewActionsOnStoreEntityResource"
    To allow a new user role to access a store of this store type, you must add the role to the implicit conditions (MBRGRPCOND.CONDITIONS) of the corresponding member group CSAViewUsersForOrg.
  3. Depending on the HCL Commerce Accelerator function that users must access, you must configure the corresponding access control policies. You must configure the policies so the new role can access the appropriate commands, views, and data beans.