Releases and shipments

A release is a set of order items in an order that are fulfilled by the same fulfillment center, where all the order items are shipped on same shipping date to the same ship-to address, and the order items are shipped by the same shipping carrier, using the same shipment method. A single release might be packaged in the same box, but it might also be in multiple boxes.

Releases are grouped to create pick batches. Each pick batch has a pick ticket, which is a list of the products that need to be gathered to fulfill the orders in those releases. After the inventory is gathered, products are packaged into boxes. Each release has a packing slip, which is used by packers to package the products in a release for shipping. It might then be included in the package itself so that the customer can verify that the correct products were sent. Sometimes there is only one packing slip for multiple boxes.

The product fulfillment options include the following choices:

  • Track inventory by using HCL Commerce
  • Externally track inventory
  • Not track inventory
  • Allow backorder
  • Force backorder
  • Release separately
  • Specify that the product cannot be returned

Information about each package is recorded in a manifest when the package is shipped. The manifest often includes package tracking information that can be shared with the customer.