Search index optimization

When you administer HCL Commerce Search Search, consider the following optimization hints and tips.

Best practices

  • Do not do index optimization while indexing. It is a separate administrative task that runs only when system usage is low.
  • Configure the UpdateSearchIndex scheduler task in production to run more frequently for delta updates. Run a clean full build only when the system usage is low.

Defragmenting the search index

You can defragment the search index by either:
  • The optimize parameter can be used for delta updates.

    You might want to set the parameter to false to save time when you are building the HCL Commerce Search index. That is, by manually setting it in the data import URL.

    For example:

    For more information, see Data Import Request Handler.

  • The clean option can be used for full updates.
    For example:

Detecting replication status

You can check the replication status on each subordinate node:
  1. Run the following command:
  2. Check the value of the indexVersion and generation to see its replication version.