Changing the SEO properties for categories and catalog entries

In the Commerce Composer tool, you can change the URL keyword, page title, meta description, and image alt text for catalog entry and category pages.

About this task

You can also use the Catalogs tool to change the SEO properties for categories and catalog entries.


  1. Open the Commerce Composer tool.
  2. In the explorer view:
    1. Expand the Catalog Pages folder.
    2. Expand the page hierarchy until you see the catalog entry or category page.
    3. Double-click the page.
    The SEO properties for the page are displayed.
  3. Change any of the SEO properties:
    • To change the URL keyword property, type a new keyword.
      • The URL displayed beneath the field is for the default catalog that is selected for the store.
      • If you are viewing a category that does not belong to the default catalog for the current store, then the sample SEO URL is not displayed.
    • To change the Page title, Meta description, or Image alt text properties:
      1. Click Override default for the property.
      2. Type the value for the property in the field. For example, for the Furniture category page, you might change the Page title value to Welcome to the Aurora furniture department. You can use SEO substitution parameters.
  4. Click Save and Preview.
  5. In store preview, open the category or catalog entry page and confirm your changes:
    SEO Property How to confirm changes
    URL keyword Check the page URL.
    Page title Check the page title.
    Meta description Check the HTML code for the page.
    Image alt text Hover the mouse pointer over the category or catalog entry image.
    Note: Your store might not display the category image on the page. In this case, the image alt text is not used.