Generating and sharing store preview URLs

Generating a preview URL creates a URL to the store preview page that you are currently viewing.

About this task

By generating a preview URL, you can:
  • Allow other business users to preview a specific store page by simply visiting the generated URL. For example, if you created a Sportswear category page, you can generate a URL to the Sportswear category page and send the URL to other business users for review. When the URL is loaded, the business user can also continue to browse the entire store.
  • Ensure that content changes that you made display in your store as you expect on different browsers and different types of devices. For example, you can use the generated URL to see how your store displays on Google Chrome, a smartphone, or a tablet.
The following security features are in place when a business user is browsing a preview URL:
  • To visit the URL, users do not require a Management Center account but must have access to the server that your preview is running on.
  • Users of the preview URL cannot modify your store and do not have access to any Management Center functions, for example, the Click-to-edit function.
  • Users of the preview URL can preview only the store where the URL was generated.
  • Users of the preview URL cannot modify the preview options that were set when you launched store preview.
  • If you change certain session-specific settings while in Store preview, the change is not captured by the preview URL. For example, you launch store preview, change the Currency from US Dollar to Euro, and then generate a preview URL. When a user accesses the preview URL, the default currency US Dollar is displayed.
  • If you make changes to your store after you generate a URL, the business user who is previewing your store can also see the latest changes. This also applies to the workspace environment if the changes are made under the same workspace and same task groups.


  1. Launch store preview.
  2. Browse to the store preview page that you want to generate the URL for. When you share the generated URL, this page loads when the URL is clicked.
  3. Complete the following steps for a JSP store:
    1. At the top of the store preview window, click Generate URL. The Generate URL window displays.
      If you cannot generate a URL, you do not have appropriate authority to perform this task. Contact your Site Administrator.
    2. Complete the fields in the Generate URL window.
      Option Description
      How long should the generated URL be active for? The URL remains active for the specified duration, starting from the time you complete step 3.c.
      Does the URL require a password?
      If you want to password protect your URL, select the check box Yes, I would like to create a password. and enter a password.
      Note: There is no restriction on the number of invalid password attempts. If the URL contains sensitive content and you believe that there might be unwanted users attempting to access the URL, consider shortening the time limit of the URL. Shortening the time limit reduces the time available for unwanted users to gain access to the URL through persistent password attempts or other methods.

      If you do not set a password for the URL, then any users who have access to your server and know the URL, can preview your store.

    3. At the bottom of the window, click Generate URL.
      A new window opens with the generated URL. You can now copy and share the URL. If you set a password for the URL, ensure that you provide the password to the appropriate business users.


The recipient of the URL can preview the store by clicking the URL or pasting the URL into a specific browser session. For example, to preview the store in a tablet, email the URL, open the email in a tablet, and click the URL.

A Preview mode indicator displays at the top of the page. The indicator is a reminder that the user is using a generated preview URL.

Clicking the Preview mode indicator shows the preview options that you configured when you launched store preview.