Defining product-specific swatch images

For certain attributes like Color, you might want a product to have its own unique swatch images. If so, you can create attachments that contain your product-specific swatch images and associate the attachments with the product. As a result, the product-specific swatch images are used on storefront product pages instead of the generic swatch images for the attribute.

Before you begin

Ensure that:
  • The product and SKUs to which you want to assign product-specific swatch images exist in the catalog.
  • The attribute and its values are already set up in the attribute dictionary, and they are assigned to the product and its SKUs.


For swatches that are managed in Watson Content Hub:
  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. Find the catalog entry or business object that you want to manage content for.
    For example, you might work with a product-level SKU, kit, or bundle.
    Ensure that the catalog entry has swatches associated with it.
  3. Open the properties view; then click the Content tab. The Content tab is displayed, containing information coming from Watson Content Hub.
  4. Associate swatch content with a catalog entry or business object by searching for the swatch name and selecting Find and Add. The search results are displayed in the utilities view.
  5. Drag the swatch from the search results to the open Content tab.
  6. Select a language for the content. If you want to use more than one language for the content, copy the object and select the additional language in the next object row.
  7. Click Save, then click Close.

What to do next

Go to the Aurora starter store and ensure that the swatch is displayed correctly.
For example, the following screen capture shows a product with swatches for colors and sizes, with both enabled and disabled values displayed:
Swatch example in the Aurora starter store