Setting the default catalog

If you have multiple store catalogs, you can set a default catalog. Customers in your store see content from the default catalog.

HCL Commerce EnterpriseIf you are using extended sites, see Setting the default catalog for an extended site.

Your store has one master catalog and can have multiple sales catalogs. When you first use the default catalog, the master catalog is set as the default catalog until a different catalog is selected with the Catalogs tool. The default catalog can be selected among any store sales catalogs.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. Select your store.
  3. From the explorer filter, select Default Catalog.
    The Default Catalog properties view is displayed in the main work area.
  4. Click the Manage Default Catalog tab. Use the Find and Add function, or the utilities view to find the catalog that you want to set as your store default catalog.
  5. Select and add the catalog into the default catalog table.
  6. Save your changes.
  7. Preview your store with store preview to verify your setting:
    1. Click Open Store Preview Dialog button icon, or click File > Store Preview
    2. Confirm that the store you are working in is selected and click the Launch Store Preview button.
    3. Confirm that the catalog that displays is your store default catalog.