Sequencing catalog entries

If you want to change the order catalog entries are displayed on your site, you can change their display sequence. Numbers are displayed in ascending order for example, if you assign a sequence number of one, that catalog entry is shown first in the storefront.

Note: If the site has enabled HCL Commerce search, catalog entries are sequenced when a customer searches the store (if delta indexing is auto-enabled). If delta indexing is not auto-enabled, the site administrator must run a delta update of the index before the changed catalog entry sequence is displayed in the store.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. From the explorer filter, select Master Catalog or Sales Catalog Categories.
  3. Select the category in the explorer view.
    The catalog entries are displayed in the List View.
  4. To change the display sequence, select the Display Sequence field of a catalog entry in the list and press Enter.
    The Display Sequence field is now editable.
  5. Type in a new display sequence number.
    The remaining display sequence numbers are adjusted accordingly.
  6. Click Save icon.