Restoring a version of a sales catalog

You can restore a version of a sales catalog. For example, before making changes to a sales catalog, you can create a version to include the latest changes to the sales catalog and then restore the created version at a later date.

Before you begin

  • Create a version that includes the latest changes. See Creating versions of a sales catalog for steps on how to create sales catalog versions.
  • Preview the sales catalog version you want to restore.


  1. Open the sales catalog version list.
  2. To restore a version, select the version in the Available versions table, and click the Restore icon Restore Version.
    Alternately, you can right-click a version in the versions list, and select Restore Version.
  3. Click Yes.


The selected version of the sales catalog is restored. A check mark in the Base Version column indicates the version that was last restored.
Screen capture of sales catalog versions highlighting the check mark.

In the Manage Catalog tab, you can also find out the version that was last restored in the Object Properties section.