Deleting categories

You might want to delete a category if you are changing your inventory or reorganizing your catalog structure, and no longer have any use for that category. You cannot delete a category if there are any associated catalog entries.

Before you begin

Determine that your category is empty. If your category is not empty, remove or reassign any associated catalog entries to a new or existing category.

About this task

HCL Commerce EnterpriseRestriction: In an Extended Sites business model, if you attempt to delete a category that contains reseller subcategories or catalog entries, then the category cannot be deleted. As reseller subcategories and catalog entries are only visible to the reseller, you may not realize that the category to be deleted is not empty. As a resolution, you should broadcast a message to all resellers, informing them of the upcoming category deletion and requesting that any catalog assets be moved out of this category.


  1. Open the Catalogs tool.
  2. In the explorer view, find the category that you want to delete.
    If you are using the Extended Sites business model and have access to the asset store, you can delete an asset store category from the extended sites store.
  3. Delete the category using one of these methods:
    • From the explorer tree, right-click the category; then click Delete.
    • In the list view, click Delete .
    The category is removed from the catalog.