HCL Commerce Enterprise

Creating a catalog filter

You can assign a catalog filter to a contract to define the product set customers are entitled to purchase from. You can also use a catalog filter in a price rule Catalog Condition to set pricing for a specific part of the catalog.

Before you begin


  1. Open Management Center Tools and from Hamburger menu, click Manage Accounts > Catalog Filter and Pricing .
  2. From the toolbar, click the arrow on the right side of Add newArrow Create new; then select Catalog Filter. The properties view displays.
  3. Set the catalog filter properties.
    Name Type a name for this catalog filter.
    Description Enter text that helps you understand the catalog filter without having to open it.
  4. Optional: To add categories to your catalog filter:
    • By default, all the categories in your catalog are included into the catalog filter.
    • You can exclude each category individually or exclude the entire catalog.
    • When you include or exclude a category, all subcategories and catalog entries in that category are also included or excluded. You can explicitly include or exclude specific subcategories.
    1. Expand the Filter by Categories, Attributes, and Properties section.
    2. Use one of the following methods to add the categories to your catalog filter:
      Option Description
      Tree view To add categories individually:
      • Expand your catalog.
      • Go to the category you want to include or exclude, then right-click the category, and select Include or Exclude.

      To add the entire catalog, right-click the entire catalog, and select Include or Exclude.

      List view
      Tip: In the utilities view, you can select multiple catalog entries using either Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click, and then drag the entire set into your catalog filter at once.
  5. Optional: Apply conditions on categories in your catalog filter.

    You can apply conditions on the categories you added to your catalog filter to explicitly include properties or attributes of the catalog entries under the category.

    1. In the Tree view, click the category you included or excluded. Alternatively, in the List view, select the category you included or excluded in the Categories table.
      Note: You cannot create a condition against a category that is not added to the catalog filter.
    2. In the Condition groups table, create a condition group.
      The condition group contains the name for the condition. A category can have one or more condition groups, and each condition group can contain one or more attributes and properties conditions.
    3. Specify the attributes or properties conditions.
      Note: Select the category in the Category table; then select the Condition groups table before you define the conditions.
      • From the Add newArrow list, select Attribute Dictionary Attribute or Property.
      • In the Attributes and properties conditions table, specify your value.
  6. Optional: To add catalog entries to your catalog filter:
    1. Expand the Filter by Categories, Attributes, and Properties section.
    2. Find the catalog entry you want to add to the catalog filter.
    3. To include catalog entries in the catalog filter, drag the catalog entries to the Catalog Entries to include table.
      Tip: You can also include catalog entries by using Find and Add.
    4. To exclude catalog entries from the catalog filter, drag the catalog entries to the Catalog Entries to exclude table.
  7. Click Save and Close.