Scenario 3: Creating a catalog filter based on categories with attribute dictionary attributes and properties conditions

This sample scenario shows you how to create a catalog filter by specifying categories with conditions. In addition to including or excluding categories from your catalog, you can apply conditions on individual categories or the entire catalog. The conditions can be composed of attribute dictionary attributes or catalog entry properties. For example, you might want to mark down the catalog entries that are made by a particular manufacturer by a particular percentage. In this case, you would create a category-based filter that uses the Manufacturer Name catalog entry property.

In this scenario, you create a catalog filter that includes all the AA Batteries that are made by Manufacturer A. The following screen capture shows you the structure of an extended sites catalog asset store catalog.
Sample Extended Sites Catalog view

Approach to creating catalog filter

You must identify which categories, catalog entries, catalog entry properties, or attribute dictionary attributes to include or exclude from your catalog. In this scenario, you include one category, and apply two conditions on the category.
Categories to include or exclude
Category Filter Type
Apparel Include
Properties and Attributes conditions
Properties or Attribute Dictionary Attributes Attribute value
Manufacturer Name (Property) Manufacturer A
Size (Attribute) Medium
Ensure that the "Size" attribute is defined in your attribute dictionary.

Creating the catalog filter

  1. Open the Catalog Filter and Pricing tool.
  2. From the list beside the New Catalog Filter Create new button, select Catalog Filter. The properties view displays.
  3. In the General Information section, specify a name and description for the catalog filter.
  4. Add the categories to the catalog filter.
    1. Expand the Filter by Categories, Attributes, and Properties section.
    2. In the Tree view mode, expand the catalog and navigate to the Apparel category. Right-click the Apparel category, and click Include.
  5. Apply conditions on the category.
    1. Create a condition group in the Condition group table.
    2. Create a condition for property Manufacturer.
      • From the New Attribute and Property condition list, select Property.
      • In the Attributes and properties conditions table, specify Manufacturer name equals Manufacturer A.
    3. Create a condition for the attribute dictionary attribute Size.
      • From the New Attribute and Property condition list, select Attribute Dictionary Attribute.
      • Use Find and Add to find the attribute Size.
      • In the Matching Rule list, specify equals and select Medium for the value.
  6. Click Save and Close.

What to do next

You can use this catalog filter in price rules to mark down the prices for the specific catalog entries. In this example, only Medium sized apparel by Manufacturer A are included. All other batteries are excluded. When you place a condition on an included category; everything that does not meet the condition is excluded. When you put a condition on an excluded category, everything that does not meet the condition is included.