Enabling SSL for IBM Watson Campaign Automation integration

You can enable SSL for the web services that are used by HCL Commerce for IBM Watson Campaign Automation so that the IBM Watson Campaign Automation server is trusted.


  1. Open the WebSphere Application Server administrative console.
  2. Expand Security. Click SSL certificate and key management.
  3. In the Related Items section, click Key stores and certificates.
  4. Select NodeDefaultTrustStore.
  5. In the Additional Properties section, click Signer Certificates.
  6. Click Retrieve from port and enter the following information.
    Host Enter apiX.silverpop.com, where X is the pod number assigned to you by IBM Watson Campaign Automation.

    For example, if you are assigned the following URL, http://engage2.silverpop.com, the pod number that is assigned to you is 2. Therefore, your host value is api2.silverpop.com.

    Port 443
    SSL configuration for outbound connection NodeDefaultSSLSettings
    Alias IBM Watson Campaign Automation
  7. Click Retrieve signer information.
  8. Select OK and save your changes.