Adding adapters

Adapters are added and configured in the HCL Commerce configuration file.

About this task

To add a new adapter, you must manually add it to the group of adapters in the HCL Commerce configuration file. To add a new adapter:


  1. Open the HCL Commerce configuration file.

  2. Locate the HttpAdapters XML element and add XML syntax similar to the following to define your adapter:

    deviceFormatType="device format"
    factoryClassname="class implementing HttpAdapterFactory"> 

    Use the same value for the deviceFormatTypeID and the deviceFormatID.

    Depending on the factoryClassname you may need to add different child elements.


Note: The preceding example would be used to add a program adapter. To add a different type of adapter, modify the class implementation accordingly. In the example, HttpAdapterFactory is the class implementation.